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Gekata Profiler
  • Subject identification.

  • Collecting primary data on subjects

  • Exporting an object profile, whith the ability to select fields for export.
Gekata API
Search by name, email, phone, and url
Whether it’s your internal threat team enhancing their threat intelligence or your customer-facing platform, GEKATA API makes our data easy to access in your native environment.
Law Enforcement
GEKATA is an effective assistant in crime fighting. It allows you to focus on the investigation instead of time consuming data management tasks. Structures and visualizes large amounts of OSINT data into intuitive and coherent layouts, determines precise directions of investigation and narrows search down to relevant information. The right technology, data and approach increase crime detection and prevent dangerous consequences before they occur.
Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations require organizations to carry out extensive due diligence on customers. That could mean checking relationships with politically exposed persons (PEPs), understanding the beneficial owners of an organization, or tracking cash transfers across borders.

In these situations, collating, querying and exploring OSINT corporate data makes the process faster, simpler, and more effective.
Fraud and Internal Threats
GEKATA provides corporate security units with the tools they need to effectively identify and eliminate threats to corporate networks by tapping into open source data and uncovering vital clues or links to potential threats.